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Cheating at a word game using SQL

The game I recently came across this word game called fonetix, where you are given letter pairs, and you have to assemble up to 8-character words out of the tiles.
They have to be valid English words, of course. You're playing against the clock, and supposedly it also increases the difficulty by each level. There is a scoreboard, but you won't exactly get on there no matter how sharp your word game is:
The top one is, fittingly, "stop cheating". Well, you might guess how they achieved those high scores, but I still want to play the game, not just post a fictious high score.
Even so, as on later levels I've found that finding even 4-letter words starts to become difficult.
But that might be only me. So I started wondering, what is my brain missing? I'm a non-native English speaker by the way, so that might be the culprit (and definitely not the hangover).

So, I wanted a way to search all available solutions within the time limit, and still have time left over …